Ansgar Jahn
Game Engineer

Let me show you what I do

Human Codeable

As a foundation to all my VR Projects I have been gradually creating my “Advanced VR Framework”. The Framework is constantly evolving and absurdly polished. On May 2019 it was finally time to make the Framework accessible from the Unreal Marketplace. This project fills me with pride.

Splendid Defense

The Project to which I have invested my heart and soul. This “small” tower defense game has evolved into the biggest project I have ever worked on. This project is my reason to why I love games. So my trusted friend Kly and I wont stop until this game is finished and out there.

Gothic PT

Throughout the Year 2019 i had the amazing honor to be part of the most amazing franchises ever created. Gothic has shaped large parts of my childhood and now having had the chance to contribute to it’s remake and be part of this incredible team fills me with unbelievable pride. Thank You!

Beyond Domains

In 2018 I’ve worked as Head of Research & Development for “Beyond Domains” a little start-up company with high ambitions that specializes on VR experiences. Here I helped them build VR Applications based on my powerful VR Framework which supports a large variety of VR applications such as architectural visualization, product presentation and interactive storytelling.

Marius (Granola)

Back in late 2017 I started by Granola Studios as a Game Developer. They introduced me to VR development and in a few month our awesome team put together a little VR Experience called “Marius”.

Rayon Riddles

In 2015 a group of friends founded Lost The Game Studios. Together we created a beautiful adventure game called Rayon Riddles. Developing this game was an amazing entry to the world of game development.

Embrace Your Limits

Game Developement

I've been in the game industry since late 2014 and I've worked exclusively with the Unreal Engine 4. So by now I know my way around the engine pretty well. One of the perks of working on small projects is that I get to work with all the different aspects of Unreal such as Blueprint Visual Scripting, Programming, Animation Systems, Materials, UMG, Sequencing, Multiplayer, Sound, Level Design, Particles, Landscaping and many more...

Agile Web Development

When I started working with Ruby on Rails I completely fell in love with it's beautiful design and approach. It has always been my go-to framework for building centralized web applications.

Software Development

Building a decent software application is the bread and butter to a computer scientist. Having a big background in web development I tend to use HTML based Frameworks like electron to get beautiful results fast and ensure compatibility across all platforms.

VR/AR Developement

Ever since Granola Studios has introduced me to VR in 2017. I have been diving more and more into the virtual world. i have developed multiple VR projects and even a VR experience framework. Over time I have gained a very intuitive feeling for the do's and dont's in VR and the finesses between VR and traditional game developement.

Version Control

It very soon becomes clear that it is impossible to tackle bigger projects without proper version management. Whether they're group-essays, software projects or a thesis I use version control for everything. For more flexibility it very soon became necessary to set up my own Bitbucket server which serves wonderful deeds.


I have migrated to Linux in 2004 and it has given me valuable insights on how computers really work. Writing scripts, hacking, assembling computers and networks became more and more a passion of mine. This also helped me in my first job as a computer technician and set me up for my university studies in Computer Science.

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